OmniBlaster 1.1 – Fun New Retro Shooter

OmniBlaster is a new game from Omnigeek Media and was first released in May 2011. Version 1.1 was released just a month later. The new version of the game includes improved graphics. Most graphics are now Retina compatible. Social networking facilities were added using the service OpenFeint and its tie in with the Apple Game Center. Its through these services that you can track your high score against other players, see what achievements you’ve earned as well as sending your scores to Twitter and Face Book.

The game harkens back to arcade games of old where you blasted asteroids into bit or faced waves of advancing aliens like in Space Invaders and Galaga in advancing, more difficult waves. This game is cleverly adapted to the small screen using the devices accelerometer to tilt. This moves your ship side to side. Then you use either your blasters or torpedoes to blow every thing on the screen up. Each wave ends with an increasingly hard to kill “Capital Ship” i.e. level boss. Defeat the boss and move on to the next level.

The game includes power ups to aid you in your in your quest. The colored asteroids (Ruby, Emerald, Gold and Diamond) each make your ship stronger for a brief period of time. For instance the Emerald gives you armor piercing blasters that rips through multiple targets.

The game’s tag line is “When you just want to blow things up!” is fitting. This game involves a lot of targets to blow up and on that aspect, it fully meets its expectations.

While not 3d rendered art or cartoon based characters, the graphics are modern for a retro game.
The music for the game is fitting and adds to the overall effect. The SoundFX are average and the voice overs are a nice touch.
The game play works well. The two fire buttons are much larger than they appear and you can control the tilt sensitivity in 5 steps. Game play is slow in early levels and very intense in later ones.
This is solid game thats is fun when you don't want to get involved in long term play.


From the Developer

OmniBlaster, built for the iPhone and iPad brings in elements of classic arcade games like Space Invaders ™, Galaga ™ and Asteroids ™ and brings them into the modern era with updated graphics and takes advantage of the devices accelerometer and touch screen to create a fun, challenging, multi-level game playable by players of all skill levels.

The OmniBlaster 1.1 update (free update for existing customers, is on sale for $0.99 through July 5 in the Apple iTunes App Store for new customers) includes the following:

  • Improved Game Play including the new Turbo Boost feature.
  • Retina/iPad quality graphics for most objects.
  • OpenFeint and Game Center support for Leaderbaords and Achievements
  • 19 achievements to be earned.* Selectable starting level from previously unlocked levels.
  • Social Networking support.  OpenFeint allows you to post your scores to Twitter and Facebook.
  • New controls for tilt sensitivity and game difficulty.
  • Improved Help displays.
  • and of course, a hand full of bug fixes.

“This game is a major improvement from the original OmniBlaster” said Rob Miracle, the independent developer and mind behind Omnigeek Media. “This is the game it should be.”
OmniBlaster is the story of the evil Korgon Empire invading the space of the Virgo Star Alliance, where your home of Earth is located.  You have just completed your flight training at the Alliance Navel Academy and have been assigned to your first StarRaider Carrier Group.
Using your Mark I, II, or III StarRaider, you use your Turbo Blasters and Torpedoes to blast your way through wave after wave of Korgon fighters and capital ships, blasting oncoming asteroids while picking up special asteroids to give your ship more powerful features while earning achievements and racking up high scores.

The game has a 5 star rating and customers have said:

  • “This is a great game””OmniBlaster is easy to use, yet addicting! Each level is more and more challenging.  It’s well worth the price!”
  • “Great game and fun”
  • “Lots of fun.  I enjoy it, as does my year old son.  Definitely worth the price!”
  • “Simple concept yet hours of fun and entertainment.  My new favorite stress relief game.”

OmniBlaster was developed using <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Ansca Mobile’s</a> <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Corona SDK</a>, and advanced toolkit for rapid mobile game development.

The game requires iOS 3.2 or later and will run on any iOS device, such as the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad and iPhone Touch.
OmniBlaster is only $0.99 through July 5, when it will be for sale at $2.99 with world wide availability.

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