Orbital Defender Full for the iPhone and iPad

Orbital Defender Full from Addictive Zone is an arcade based space shooter with some unique twists that is designed for both the iPhone and iPad.

In the game, you control a small orbital satellite that spins around one of the various planets in our solar system starting with Mercury and advancing on.  Each planet has multiple levels of play.  As your satellite orbits, you shoot your various weapons at the attacking enemy ships, some more powerful than others.

This is where the games unique controls come into play.  You can tap the enemy to shoot your basic weapon at them, being careful to not shoot at your own planet.  As you gain additional weapons, you use other gestures like swiping to fire them.

The game has a very good help system that explains visually and with easy to read words on exactly how to play which is a nice change of pace.

The game does lack a few controls you would expect like being able to turn off the music and sound effects.  It’s easy enough to just mute your phone, so this isn’t a huge issue.  The game seems supports OpenFeint, the social game system for tracking high scores and achievements though it does appear to have an independent score keeping service.

The main issue with the game is there is a Game Center popup that pop’s up from time to time letting you know the game isn’t recognized by Game Center.  The developer does not advertise Game Center compatibility, and this is probably an artifact of OpenFeint trying to integrate with Game Center.

The game is fun and challenging.  Based on the first few levels of play, the later levels have to be really tough.

Orbital Defender
The graphics are a stylish cartoon style that have good consistency. Many of the attacking enemy graphics are pretty small
The sound effects are spot on for this kind of game. The music solid, but not spectacular.
With the different gestures used to fire different weapons along with the use of physics and the varied enemies and power up's, the game offers strong challenging game play that can keep you occupied for a long time.
This is a solid game and well worth the $0.99 and highly recommended.


From the Developer

Our Solar System is in danger. Your task is to protect it at any cost.
Try it and you will find it highly addictive…
What makes Orbital Defender special is its unique tap-flick-drag-based control system. You can use various weapons by slightly different gestures. The result is a highly playable and fun shoot ’em up.
There are 5 levels available in Lite version and 20 levels, new planets, new enemies, cool weapons, and OpenFeint integration in Full version.
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