Phantom Probes

Welcome to Phantom Probes, a game of guess the shape.  The shape is of course invisible.  You’re given three possibilities at the bottom and you are given three different objects or probes that you can drop on the shape, be it a chain, bombs or rain.

You watch to see how the various falling probes interact with the invisible shape and figure out which of the three shapes.  To help out you can turn the circle either clock-wise or counter clock-wise to rotate the invisible object to get a better feel for the shape.

Once you have figured out the shape, you tap the shape you think is the correct one and if you’re right, you get to move to the next level.  If not, one of the three random shapes is picked and you repeat the level.

Your play is timed and the faster you can solve the level the higher on the leaderboard for that level, you will place.  You can repeat levels to try and improve your speed.

The game is fun and challenging but some of the shapes are kind of hard to figure out.  You get helper lines to aid in figuring the shape out, but I’ve not found them that helpful.  I tend to get frustrated and just guess.  With a 1 in 3 chance, it doesn’t take many attempts to pass a level.

The shapes and the probes that you use are varied and keep game play interesting.

The biggest issue is the setup buttons are very sensitive. You have to quickly tap all non-game play buttons to get them to activate. If you are heavy fingered like me, the buttons don’t seem to activate.

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This game doesn't require complex graphics, but the ones in use are well done and of enough variety to keep the game entertaining.
The sound effects are fairly simple but fit the style of the game.
The game is challenging, but with three options, guessing is too easy.
Phantom Probes is a good challenging puzzle game with enough variety to keep you busy for a while.


From the Developer

Phantom Probes captures fun childhood memories of dropping objects
from heights and seeing how they bounce off things. If you’ve ever
dropped something, you’re good at Phantom Probes. You can fulfill
your childhood dreams of dropping balls, bombs, rubber ducky’s;
everything but the kitchen sink. Guess the shapes of the objects that
get hit. See how they bounce and break and explode and slide and crash
and make weird sounds!

Feature Highlights:

  • Totally original gameplay
  • Colorful design
  • 50 fun levels
  • 100 unique phantom shapes
  • 25 different probes
  • Amazing effects
  • Game Center and OpenFeint enabled (10 achievements, 25 leader
  • boards)
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Universal Build (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
  • Beautiful retina graphics


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