Spark Control

Welcome to spark control.  To be honest, when I first saw the “Invention Box” being what looks like a British telephone booth, the first thing that came to mind was a “Tardis” and Dr. Who!.

Spark Control is a physics based game of using various objects (“Tools”) with different physics properties to try and direct a blue orb, the “Spark” around the screen in an attempt to gather three “Suns” which then you use your tools to eventually land the spark in the Invention Box.

As you progress you gain access to more tools in addition to objects  added to the game board to hinder or help you out.

This is a very challenging game.  Perhaps too so.  If you are into instant gratification, this game may frustrate you.  For example, on the first level you have a silver bar which will stop the spark from falling and you can rotate it to steer the spark and you have a spring to bounce the spark.  I still haven’t figured out how to get all three sparks.  After some experimenting I managed to get two sparks and get it into the Invention Box.

The goal is to use your tools to setup as complex a path as possible to make the spark take longer to get home.  Taking more time increases your score.  This adds another challenge to the game.

To help you, you can save your levels so that you can return later, and tweek your tool locations and angles to try and improve your score, unlike a lot of games where the goal is really to move from level to level.

If you like a good challenging puzzle game that you have to work at, this will be a great game for you.  Its a free download so everyone should check it out.

iTunes link:
Developer:TriSail Enterprises
Developer Website:
Notes:The game has an in-app purchase to upgrade to the full version.
The graphics are good for this kind of game, but could use some polish.
The game does not have a music track. The SoundFX are a little repetitive.
The game is challenging no doubt. It makes you think about what your doing.
The game based around a fairly clever idea and I think players could find a lot of play time with it.


From the Developer

Object of game:
Get the Spark to the Inventor’s box.
Gather 3 Energy Suns on each level
Aim for long run times.

How you play:
Make a plan
Choose your tools
Calculate angles and speed.
Drag, tap and turn tools

What’s different about Spark Control?
16 tools like pneumatic tubes, magnets, float, and grow bars
Personal tool box for infinite play variation
Earn tools to replay levels
Detailed statistical tracking = achievements
Save, return, and tweak each level

48 progressive levels
12 free levels
Compare stats with competitors
20 OF and GC achievements coming soon

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