Task-Master: A puzzling puzzler.

Welcome to Task-Master.  This is a puzzle game and part of the puzzle is figuring out how to play it.  The game provides very little in the way of how to play and that in its-self is the challenge.  For instance, one level you get a single dot on the screen and you are supposed to try different gestures and iPhone actions to try and figure out how to solve the level.

Some levels are about tapping, others about pinch-zooming, others about exploring multi-tap.

Puzzle games are supposed to frustrate you.  That is their challenge.  You have to try and experiment and do different things.  This game delivers on that.

As you go through the game, you will discover on the start screen a small link called “Walkthroughs” which opens a web page that provides you the solution to teach level.  I kind of wish that wasn’t available.  It makes cheating too easy.  I think it would have been better to have included in game hints instead of an external web page with the solutions.  Perhaps this could be a feature for a future version.  I would have also liked to have at least had a help page in the game to give give new players a hit as to what to do.

The game does provide a challenge.

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Developer:Jens Winterstein


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    From the Developer

    Task-Master is an unique puzzle/brain teaser game.

    Riddle your way through 20 exciting and completely different tasks.
    Anything can happen!

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