Cavorite – a must have platform game!

Game play trailers, the little short preview movies can tell a prospective customer a lot about the game. I had seen the video for this game a couple of weeks before the review request came in. And it was “meh, another platform game of pushing blocks around”. Boy was I wrong!

Looking at this game live instead of an over processed over compressed YouTube video makes a world of difference. The graphics of this game are *H*O*T* and look much better on the phone than they do on YouTube. Note to self: Don’t judge a game based on its trailer!!!!

And its not just the graphics. The levels are challenging and you have to not only think out the solution, but you have to have some dexterity, timing and wit to get the blocks moved into the right position at the right time. It will test your skills and test them well. Many platform games (where you run across side to side, jumping around…, i.e. Mario Bro’s) your ability to push buttons at the right time is the important skill, but as the levels advance in Cavorite, planning becomes equally important if not more so.

The play contols are positioned well and work smoothly. The buttons provide large enough hit targets and are responsive.

If you are into platform games, this could be the best $1.99 you can spend!

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Developer:Cascadia Games LLC
Developer Website:
The graphics for the game are phenomenal!
The sound effects are a bit average, but the music is good.
The game implements touch versions of left, right and jump buttons that work like a charm. The levels take some thinking to solve.
This is one hot puzzle based platform game.


From the Developer

Cavorite is an original and genre-crossing adventure game, appealing to fans of puzzlers and platformers alike.

“A fun, jumpy puzzler.”

“This platform-puzzle combo game is loads of fun and has a familiar old school feel to it…. You will not be disappointed with the amount of play that this game has to offer.”

“A wicked smart, 16-bit puzzler.”

“If you’re itching for a neat little platformer then look no further!”

Dr. Cavor is trapped inside the moon! Held captive by the mysterious Selenites, Dr. Cavor endeavors to escape to the surface and from there to Earth! But first he must match wits with the dwellers of the lunar underworld, whose catacombs are complex and deadly! Dr. Cavor has but two tools at his disposal: his unique genius and his prize invention, the anti-gravity spray ‘Cavorite’.

+ 63 mind-bending levels
+ 3 unique worlds and boss battles
+ Over 60 Game Center achievements
+ Precise, smooth controls
+ Retro 16-bit era graphics
+ Hauntingly beautiful chiptune soundtrack
+ Integrated Twitter and screen capture

He must match wits with the Selenites. He must avoid perils. He must battle monsters. And above all, he must escape the moon!

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