Kiss My Rocket — Massive Multi-player fun!

The first thing I did for this game is watch the game play trailer and said “Holy …[explicative deleted]”. I was blown away and immediately jealous of the art budget just for the game trailer. I want that quality of art for my games!!!!

From there I downloaded this free game and yes the artwork for the game is very well done, I was hit by the reality that this is a MMO and MMO’s have to make money and not your garden $0.99. MMO or Massive-MultiPlayer Online game pits you against other players (and lots of them) from around the world. Unlike playing a card game with friends where there might only be 4-8 of you playing your game at once, you are pitted against every player in the world all at once. If your neighbor has the game, you can do battle with them, or you can battle with someone on a continent half way around the world.

The success of these games depends on finding the right density of players for a given area in the game. When I first started playing I couldn’t find anyone around me (and I wasn’t using the radar which was my fault). But in France, where the game originates there is a huge missle war going on. So by making this game free, Korrisoft can get it on more devices and increase the odds that someone can find you to attack you.

The game’s premise is rather cool. It uses your GPS to place you on a real-world map and that becomes your base. From there you can use the radar to find other people to launch your missiles at, while keeping your defenses up to fend off attacks from others. The game uses push notification to let you know when you are under attack.

You start out with a supply of rockets, fuel and defense shielding. Using your virtual currency, you can buy more rockets of different speeds, damage, and area of effect to attack your enemies with, buy fuel and buy extra protection for your base.

One thing that hit me right away was the little amount of starting currency you have to work with. You are given 20 “Koins” to start with. From what I am able to determine is that you can’t buy anything with 20 Koins. The minimum purchase in the game is 25 Koins. The game doesn’t show you how many of each missile you have (that I can find). I think the game should start with either more inventory or more Koins to get you hooked in before you have to start buying Koin’s with real money.

To build one of these games and succeed, not only in server costs and staffing costs it takes revenue and a lot of it and the players need to support it. Naturally we want more for less, but their prices on in-app purchases seem fair.

I have a few issues with the game. Many of the buttons and text graphics are tiny on an iPhone. I’m sure on the iPad they would be way better, but I have an iPhone. Maybe part of it is my old age, but I can’t read 2-4 fonts.

My next issue is the radar. It only zoom’s to level 10, which basically will scan a 30 mile radius around me. When you don’t have anyone around, you are constantly having to pinch/zoom to zoom out, find an area to scan for enemy bases, then bring the radar up on what’s centered and look in that small radius. The game would be sooooooooooo much better if you could pinch/zoom and move to other locations on the map with the radar still up.

My next issue has to do with firing your missiles. You have to provide an amount of fuel and a bearing in degrees. Hey I have a radar. I should be able to tap and fire, or at least have it provide me a fuel estimate and bearing to the target.

Finally, you have no idea how many missiles of a given type you have left (that I’ve been able to find. The display, while smokin’ hotness graphics wise is a little busy, but I’m pretty sure I can’t tell.

This game would certainly benefit from having your friends also download it to play with. Blowing up strangers isn’t nearly as fun.

The game has all the modern iPhone game conveniences like leaderboard and achievements to unlock, high scores to get.

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Category:Massive Multiplayer Strategy
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Notes:The game uses in-app purchases for a virtual currency.
The graphics are a bit too small on the phones and iPods but I bet this rocks on an iPad
Sound effects are minimal, but effective.
Overall the game play is good. Being able to find bases and get their bearings easier would help. You should start out with more in-game money.
With a few tweaks and some friends to play against, this game has a lot of potential


From the Developer

KISS MY ROCKET – Missiles away!
An MMO game for iOS platforms combining elements of the real and virtual worlds over a global playground

Rennes – France, 21th June 2011. Korrisoft is pleased to announce the availability of its first iOS game, called KISS MY ROCKET, an MMO game (Massive Multiplayer Online) that takes gamers’ locations in the real world and throws them into a global conflict, where the aim is to launch missiles against other gamers’ bases.

A global playground

Locate your enemies anywhere around the world using the radar. Thanks to the interactive world map with 12 zoom levels, you can pinpoint anyone anywhere!

Time to put away your birds and instead wheel out the heavy artillery!

Sending a missile has never been so easy: select a missile from the different ones available, position your sights over the world map, add a dedication for your recipients and then FIRE! Watch your missile’s progress in real time and then simply wait for your opponents to respond.
Whenever your base takes a hit, you will receive a notification: keep an eye on your base to see how much damage it has taken!
Gain experience, collect achievements and compare your progress in the Game Center. Invite your friends and share your scores on Facebook.

The game is distributed for free with purchases including virtual money for buying new missiles and protections.


Universal iOS Application (iPhone & iPad)
French / English
Global playground (12 zoom levels)
Game Center support
Retina Display support
20 Achievements to unlock
5 Leaderboards

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