Surge! A fast paced tap game. Its free on Saturday 7/30!

Welcome to Surge!!! An interesting take on the basic “Whack-a-mole” game. Things pop up and you try to tap them before they go away. In this case, you are presented several targets at once and you don’t have very long to tap them.

Each progressive level changes up the locations of where the targets pop up.

When you have perfect levels, you get to carry your points over into the Surge.  Your scoring increases considerably if you can manage another perfect round, but if you fail, you loose a significant number of points.

The game uses Game Center to keep track of your scores and achievements.  There are multiple levels with sub-levels to play.

With really cool graphics, this is a nice modern fun game to play. And the really cool thing about it, even though its worth plunking down a 1 spot on, on Saturday, July 30, 2011 the app will be **FREE FOR THE DAY** in the iTunes App Store. This would be a great chance to pick this game up.

iTunes link:
Developer:Tom Ward
Developer Website:
Solid sound effects and music.
The game is very fast paced. It pushes your abilities.
The game is easy to play and hard to master, a quality of a winner.


From the Developer

Think fast or be a Loser; Surge is available for FREE this Saturday,
July 30th, 2011!

Are you ready to SURGE?

Costa Mesa, CA: July 28, 2011 – This Saturday, (July 30, 2011) for
one-day only, Surge will be available on the App Store for FREE. With
roughly 100 downloads in the first week, Surge currently sells for
99¢ and has no available lite version for people to test. By offering
Surge for free, it opens the game up to people who may not normally
give an independent game a shot. Free or not, Surge is addictively
frenetic and a must download.

Surge is a fast-paced tapper. Like similar style arcade games, players
are expected to hit and clear all on-screen blocks. Blocks attack the
player in waves of abstract patterns and points are earned for each
block tapped. Mastering combos is a sure way to score high points and
earn a “surged wave”. Take the challenge and see if you can get a
perfect surged wave. Don’t fail or you’ll lose the surge and the
bonus points you’ve been accruing. Will you Surge?

• Universal app
• 96 patterned waves
• 12 unique levels
• Retina display and iPad HD support
• Difficulty automatically increase as player progresses through the
• Supports Game Center leaderboards and achievements

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