Connect M – A Color Block Game

Connect M is a simple block puzzle game of trying to connect two color blocks to remove them.  You basically tap two same color blocks and if they can be connected , they will be removed.  For example in screen shot on the left, the top two green blocks in the first two columns cannot be connected, though the green blocks in the 2nd and 5th columns can be.

In this example you would have to remove those two green blocks, to open up the two red blocks, one the red ones are gone, the orange blocks can be removed allowing the magenta blocks to go next and so on.

Like most games, the early levels are pretty easy to play and as you progress you get more blocks to have to remove.  After you complete the first world, the next world for instance adds gravity and as you remove blocks, they start falling to fill spaces.

The trick? You don’t have a lot of time to clear the blocks.  There is little time to think or plan ahead for your next moves.  In fact you need to be clearing the next blocks while the other are starting to be removed.  The pace is fast.

The graphics have a cleaver cartoon feel to them which makes for a bright enjoyable game to play.

No game is perfect, and in this case, there are times I think I should be able to connect blocks and I’m not able to. Sometimes it seems like you can use the area outside the blocks. In the example above, I believe you can clear the two magenta blocks as the puzzle sits now as it will connect down and around the orange block, it it doesn’t seem to always work down the sides. I’ve not figured out the pattern yet.

The second thing that bothers me is the limited number of times you can try each level. You get one re-try. Run out of time a second time or get into an un-clearable situation and its game over. I’m not sure how I would recommend fixing it. It feels like you should get at least three attempts to clear a level or not have a game over at all. Though at some point the game does have to end so that you will have a high score to record.

Even with those issues, this is a fun game. You can download the lite version for free to try it out, but its one you will probably want to upgrade to if you’re into this type of puzzle game.

The graphics are well done and typical for this type of game. Nice varied backgrounds.
Sound effects are solid but not varied.
The mechanics of the game are easy to master, though sometimes the taps are not as responsive as I would like.
Its a colorful and engaging game that can provide hours of fun.


From the Developer

Connect M is a simple, but very addictive puzzle game. Connect two tiles of the same color and try to remove all the tiles within a time limit. Connect M features:

· 37 levels in 9 worlds. Each world has a new feature
· High quality graphics
· High quality sound effects and soundtrack


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