Flip Them All – a tile flipping game

Flip Them All is a brain teaser based on several popular games.  The main goal is to flip all of the blue tiles to yellow.  However, some tiles affect the tiles around them.  For instance, the tiles with the yellow diamond that is wider than tall will flip itself and the tiles on either side of it.   The green diamonds flip the tiles above and below.

The game comes with a very good learning system that walks you through how each of the tiles affect others.  You are rewarded for fast thinking by scoring higher the faster you solve each level.

The game has OpenFeint integration for scores and achievements as well as Facebook and Twitter access.  This free game has an in-app purchase for $0.99 to unlock all the levels.

I found mastering the 3×3 training levels pretty easy, but once I moved into the 4×4 grid of shapes the game required a lot more thinking to solve.  You sometimes find yourself just tapping hoping you get the result right and sometimes that works, but having a solid understanding of how the tiles interact will help you solve the puzzles faster .

For a freebie, you should pick this one up.  And once you explore the levels, spending 99 cents would be worth it.

iTunes link:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flip-them-all/id442154671?mt=8
Developer:Neville Attard
Developer Website:http://www.softwareprodigy.com
Notes:The game has an in-app purchase to unlock all levels
The graphics are simple, but well done and eye-catching colors.
The sound effects are simple but effective.
The practice levels are easy to master, but increasing the difficulty makes you think a lot more.
It's a fun and challenging game.


From the Developer

Flip Them All is a mind-bending puzzler inspired by the classic Lights
Out game. Although the rules for the game seem simple enough at first,
you quickly become absorbed in its challenging intricacies! Your
objective is to flip a grid of tiles from one color (blue) to another
color (orange), and as easy as that sounds the real challenge lies in
the fact that each type of tile behaves differently. There is the
“Side Switcher” which flips tiles horizontally, the “Vertical
Switcher” which flips tiles vertically (surprise!), and then there
are “The Cross” and the “The All-Rounder”, and what they do
you have to discover on your own!

“Flip Them All” is easy to learn, yet addictive for all ages and
– an astounding 150+ addicting puzzles
– 4 difficulty settings
– Game Center Support and Openfeint integration allowing you to
compete for the best high-scores, win achievements, and post them on
your personal Facebook or Twitter account for everyone to see!

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