Hello Zoo for Kids

Hello Zoo for Kids is a very simple game aimed at infants and toddlers.

The idea behind the game is simply to let the child tap on the screen and have a random animal appear, stimulate through sound and animation and repeat this over and over.  Periodically, the background changes to another part of the world with appropriate animals for that region.

The game has several modes of play.  The “Play” button takes you to the simple “Tap for a new Animal” mode.  From the main menu, you have additional options for “Meet the Animals”, were you tour the different continents to see where the animals are native too.

Then there is a  simple memory match card game with three difficulty levels that lets the player test their memory using the various animals.  The game also has a button that is labeled “Help the Animals” which opens up the World Wildlife Fund website where you can learn more about that organization and what they do and of course donate money if you are so inclined.

I think this button should be a little more obscured.  You do have to dismiss an alert that asks you if you want to go to Safari or not, but I could see older kids experimenting with this and ending up on the WWF website.

As for the main game play mode, I was a little surprised when the lion came zooming at me.  It was a touch scary looking.  While there is an in-app purchase to get more animals, I would have liked to have seen them distributed among the continents a little better.

iTunes link:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hello-zoo-for-kids/id450292446?mt=8
Developer:Digital Media Interactive
Developer Website:http://dmi1011.com/?portfolios=hello-zoo-for-kids
Notes:The game has an in-app purchase to get more animals and backgrounds and additional features.
The backgrounds are beautiful and the aniamls are a pleasurful cartoon style.
The game lacks music which would have been welcome. The effects are limited.
If an adult were to pick this game up, it wouldn't seem to have any point, but its for very young children and in which case, its play is about perfect.
Except for the animals that zoom at you, I could see where this game would be adored by the toddler crowd.

From the Developer

Los Angeles, California – Digital Media Interactive today is pleased
to announce the arrival of baby’s first animal app, Hello Zoo, a fun
and educational iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app for infants and toddlers.
Designed to engage young eyes from the bouncing hippos to the colorful
continents on the world map, this app is sure to entertain for hours.

Touch anywhere in the landscape background to trigger a flipping
dolphin, roaring lion or jumping goat. Animals from around the world
jump from the screen, say hello with signature movements and sounds,
and run or zoom off into the distance. Swipe the screen, and the
background changes to a new and exciting nature scene for kids to
explore. Within minutes, a child will learn the basics of operating an
iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Short and engaging bios paired with a world map make for a
parent-interactive experience. Children can scroll through the seven
continents to see which animals live there, and learn about their
furry friends before a real zoo trip.

The app can be customized for younger babies, so that backgrounds are
white and fewer characters appear at one time. Animals will appear
after a period of inactivity to keep their attention. Multi-touch
gestures can be disabled so the child cannot switch apps accidentally.

Digital Media Interactive believes that all games should be
entertaining as well as help the world in a positive way. Within the
game, there is a direct link to the World Wildlife Fund where parents
may donate or read more information about wildlife conservation.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.0 or later
* 17.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Hello Zoo for Kids 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively
through the App Store in the Games category. The free app comes with
five Africa characters and backgrounds. A $0.99 in-app-purchase opens
up a whole new array of adorable characters and backgrounds from the
rest of the world’s continents.

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