TXTgrams – A Tsukau Word Game

TXTgrams is one of a line of word puzzle games based on Tsukau, Sudoku with words.  Its best describe from the developer’s website:

Tsukau Grams is an anagram challenge using the Tsukau letter-set format. A traditional anagram is the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters only once. For example “Eleven plus two” is an anagram of “Twelve plus one”. Similarly, “phrase” is an anagram of “shaper”. A Tsukau gram follows this principle using the Tsukau letter-sets, but is also a words-in-a-word puzzle in which the challenge is to identify as many words as you can, of different lengths, using only one letter from any Tsukau tile.

Basically you are presented with the keys from a phone (as if you were sending text messages from a traditional phone), that is you press the “def” button 3 times to get the “F” letter.  Using each button once, you try to form as many words as you can from the letters you are presented with.

I know i don’t have the best vocabulary on the planet, so I found this game extremely challenging.  For people who like word puzzles you will probably love this game.  The graphics and sound effects are minimalist with this game, but you know what, that’s not the purpose of this game.  They stay out of the way and you can play and enjoy the game.  A free lite version exists so you can try it out before you buy it.

The graphics are average and don't get in the way of the game.
The game has minimal sound effects.
The game is very challenging. With limited vowels to use, coming up with enough words is tough. The buttons tap well and the interface is snappy.
Our rating system gives too much weight to graphics and music and there are some games where its just not that important. This is one of those. If you like challenging Word games, pick this one up.

From the Developer

TXTgrams is a new word puzzle game designed to test your mental
agility and texting skills. It involves the use of letter-sets like
those found on many mobile phone keypads and TV remote controls.
The aim of TXTgrams is to tap out as many words as you can to progress
through level and improving your rank. Bonus points are given for word
length but don’t forget you’re against the clock.
Play all the levels when you have time, or take a break and come back
later. The game remembers where you left off. There’s also a practice
mode to hone your skills before playing the game for real.
Fun and addictive, a word game for all ages. If you enjoy Scrabble,
Boggle, TextTwist and Scramble you’ll love this!!.

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