Have a ball playing Word Ball

Word Ball is a fun game that mixes a little scrabble with an arcade game.

To play the game, you are given the letters A-Z as small circles that bounce around the screen.  You try to spell as many words as you can as fast as you can.  You can reuse letters and of course scoring xylophone is going to score you more points that spelling cat.

The catch is, the longer you take, the smaller the balls get, making them harder to tap.  Eventually, letters will pop away not letting you use them again. Even as you level up, you don’t get back the full alphabet back.

The game has OpenFeint and Game Center integration as well as Twitter and Facebook to record your best scores and the achievements that you’ve unlocked.

I’m not sure what constitutes when you move to the next level and it felt like it took a little long to advance, but  I was generally too busy trying to score words to really worry about when the next level showed up.  The game didn’t seem to change much between levels.  I got through using down to the last 4 letters before I got a game over.  During that time, there was only one background and the speed didn’t seem to change significantly.

The game offers 3 different modes of play to vary up your game play.

But then I was having too much fun to really notice.  Definitely worth plucking a buck down for this one!!!

iTunes link:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-ball/id436239309?mt=8
Lite Version:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-ball-free/id446992297?mt=8
Developer:Continuous Integration Inc.
Developer Website:http://www.cidevelop.com

Nice pleasing graphics!.
The background track is catchy..
This is a fun game to play. The level's seem a touch long though.
Word Ball is a good looking and fun game to play.


From the Developer

Word Ball taps into a different genre of word building apps and games.
By providing a unique approach and gameplay, Word Ball adds a
different twist to word games and demonstrates the evolution of the
rapidly growing and popular gaming category. Word Ball will challenge
your word building skills in a fast paced and fun word game. It
provides a beneficial brain training exercise that allows the user to
focus and think on their feet when building words as quickly as
possible. By concentrating on the letters as they shrink and bounce to
keep them alive, Word Ball will test your limits by forcing your
cognitive senses to react in a manner that reinforces word and pattern


– Game Center enabled
– OpenFeint enabled
– Leaderboards and achievements
– Extensive dictionary of over 175,000 words
– Multiple modes
– HD retina display graphics
– Detailed statistics and history of scores
– In-game word lists

Word Ball was chosen by Ansca as App of the Month for June 2011

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