MarBall Odyssey – a Tilt Based game

MarBall Odyssey is a game that takes elements from various games including pinball games.

You have a ball/marble and using your devices tilt features, you navigate through a maze of ramps, walls and bumpers collecting coins and other objects while avoiding falling off the sides.

Various bumpers do different things like launch your ball in the air to jump to areas you can’t roll to, open gates, etc.  Some things you have to crash through.

The game’s theme is based on islands in the sky, where you have small plots of land and if you go too far, you fall off the edge.

The levels are timed so that you have to complete them in a certain amount of time.

I found moving the ball to be sluggish or to fast.  Perhaps its my lack of skill, but many games offer controls that let you adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer.  I didn’t find those controls in the game.  Also level transitions are a bit pokey, but over all the game provides a challenging experience.

iTunes link:
Developer:Sunday Coders
Developer Website:
Notes:The game uses in-app purchases to remove ads and get additional levels.
The graphics are well done, though a touch dark.
Very good sound effects.
The game uses tilt to play and depending on your skills you may find it fun or frustrating.
If you like tilt based games, you will enjoy this one.


From the Developer

The principle of MarBall Odyssey is simple: guide the ball to the exit without falling out of bounds,
avoiding obstacles or by triggering various mechanisms. Along the route, you can pick up various bonuses to improve your score.

* Collecting all rings will create additional extra coins.
* Collecting all extra coins will give an extra life on exit.
* Collecting all big coins will activate a special blue portal and one extra life on start.
* Activating a purple checkpoint will add more time.
* Fences can be broken using the big ball or the small ball with high velocity.
* Bridges can be broken using the big ball.
* Yellow buttons can be used only with the big ball.
* You can climb onto walls using doors and bumpers.
* Finishing a level will unlock the next one.

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