Goop! A fun game without sling shots!

I don’t know about you, but I’m just a little bit tired of Angry Birds knock offs.  Bird games, pig games, sling shots, oh my.

Now to give Angry Birds it’s credit, it was cute.  There was a very annoying bad guy. We were allowed to be mad.  Music enhances the game as does the sound effects.

So I’m happy to see a cute game with wonderful graphics a fun sound track and good special effects that’s not a clone of Angry Birds.   “Goop” is a game that fits that bill.

In this game, you’re job is to help the Eeep’s cross through various levels where goop drops from the top.  The goop could be super hot lava, acid or whatever liquid goop that when it falls on you is very bad for you.  You have two controls:  tap the Eeep to have them tumble buy goop that’s dropping or swipe to the left to back them up.  This is a game that can be played by both young and old a like.  The game supports game center for leader boards, has help and the ability to kill the sound so the boss doesn’t know you’re playing.

Of course there are things that could make the game better.  I’m bothered by games where its one mistake and its over.  In this game let one blob of goop slop your eeep and its game over.  This makes it hard to get any flow going in the game.  Also the game plays a little slow.  The time it takes for an eeep to cros the screen could be a little faster on initial levels.  But overall, the game is simple and challenging.

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Developer:Find and Dandy Games
Developer Website:
The graphics are outstanding for a vector/cartoon style.
The background music is catchy and the SFX spot on. A little more variety would be nice.
The goop drops are pretty big and can take you out sometimes whene you think you're self.
It's a cute and challenging game.


From the Developer

Save the adorable Eeep family from the torment of the dangerous goop.
Tumble them across four beautifully designed worlds to help them make
it back home goop free. While saving the Eeeps, keep in mind their
unique personalities which can make getting them across goop free a
bit of a task.

Goop features endless amounts of exciting gameplay, intense bonus
modes, and an increasing difficulty that’s easy enough for a
beginner but can become challenging enough for a pro. Enjoy the crisp
audio, funny character sounds, and stunning retina graphics, while
earning achievements and topping the charts in Game Center.

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