the Animals Can Kill You — an indie music blog app.

The Animals Can Kill You is a music blog featuring news and reviews for indie music and movies as well as covering live music in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle Area of North Carolina.  While the blogs local music scene is localized to a small area, the remaining assets of the site have nation-wide appeal.

This app was developed to assist fans of the site to get its content on their mobile devices, in particular the ability to use the iPod feature of iPhones to listen to the site’s podcast.

It provides four tabs of information:  News, Podcasts, Reviews and Live and provides content from the website’s sections for those items.

The app is fairly light weight being primarily a text based application.  Since its purpose is to deliver a website’s text and audio based content it does that quite well.

One thing that is missing is a refresh button to reload the RSS feed, though in theory it checks for new feeds when you change tabs.  It seems to also have limited utility and does not load in all of the site’s contents.

The app basically grabs content from the website and presents it to the mobile user. It's podcast feature works really well.
We didn't encounter any issues during testing.
As a free, ad supported app, it seems to be well worth installing if indie music is your scene.
Give it a listen!

From the Developer

OmniGeek Media is proud to announce the availability of the Animals Can Kill you blog app.  Developed for tACKY as an extra way for its fans to access the sites content while on the road, the app retrieves content from four of the sites main categories: News, Podcasts, Reviews and Live Music.

Podcasts are playable in the background to allow you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch to listen to the podcasts.

The app was developed using Cororna SDK using their new widget library.


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