Endless Lines – taking pipes in a different direction

Many moons ago, I found a game called “Pipes”.  It presented you a series of tiles that contained various shaped pipes, elbows, tees, intersections and straight and your goal was to build the longest pipe that water could flow through until you either trapped yourself  or filled the space before a timer went off and water started flowing through the pipes.

It was a very fun game that ate up a lot of my time.  In fact, as an app/game developer I have been pondering building a Pipes based game.

Endless line’s isn’t pipes, but its based on similar principles.  You have different tiles in the four basic shapes: four different bends, four different tees, the intersection and straight pipes.  You score points by sliding the various columns up and down in an attempt to form the longest line across the grid.  Your only controls are sliding the columns up and down to find the right pipe that will flow to the next column.  The blue colored lines turn red once you’ve got a connection that will connect the two columns.  Get all the way across and score points.  There are multipliers that will increase your score.

The game has multiple modes like “Blitz” were you have a limited amount of time to make as many connections as you can before your time runs out.  Other modes include Sprint and Zen.

The game is both OpenFeint and GameCenter enabled.

Its a very well done game and plays well.  While I was hoping for my beloved “Pipes”, it is a different game and has earned its own respect.  The graphics are minimalistic but it doesn’t really matter because they are “good enough”.  Sure 3D rendered pipes would look better, but would it make the game play any better?  No.

With so many tiles on the screen, its a little confusing at times to try to look ahead for the best moves and sometimes I end up just sliding things randomly.  The game supports a shake feature that will give you new tiles when you get stuck, but I keep forgetting about that.

iTunes link:http://itunes.apple.com/app/endless-lines/id447835444
Developer:Bit By Bit Games
Developer Website:http://bitbybitgames.co.uk/Bit_By_Bit_Games/Bit_By_Bit_Games.html
Fancy, 3D rendered graphics are not important for this game. They work well.
Pleasing sound track and minimal but effective SFX
The game provides a good challenge and multiple modes of play.
Pick this one up if you like challenging puzzle games.


From the Developer

Need a new puzzle game addiction? Then look no further than Endless

This is a game about creating paths. Slide the rows and columns to
create paths from one side of the board to the other. The longer the
path the more points it is worth. Throw in multipliers, special blocks
to help or hinder progress and bonus points for chaining multiple path
clears together to spice things up!

Paths are not removed until you finish moving by lifting your finger,
so find the highest scoring combo before letting go!

Game Modes:
-Blitz: Score as many points as possible in 60 seconds.
-Sprint: Pick a target score and reach it as quickly as possible.
-Zen: No time limits, no goals. Simply play as long as you like.

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