jailem – a Trap the Ball game

Jailem is a cute game based on a western cowboy/cops and robbers theme.  The game itself is a simple one.  A series of balls goes bouncing around the screen and you draw lines to limit where the balls can go.  Once you have a ball isolated by itself, its trapped.  Isolate all the balls in their own cells and win the level.

When you capture two balls in the same grid  and can’t isolate them, the game ends.

You are presented with four different villains with different features and six levels with an increasing number of balls to capture each level.

You draw lines in the game by tapping and the devices orientation determines if the game draws a vertical or horizontal line.  This is kind of awkward because it takes time for the app to reorient itself as you flip it back and forth.  The graphics are all designed for horizontal play, which is a minor detail.  I think had the game been able to detect swipes to determine which way to draw the line might have made the game better.

The early levels play pretty quickly, and you suddenly find yourself through the first wave before you know it.

The story graphics are very well done. The game play graphics are fairly simple.
Catchy sound track but minimal sound effects
The game plays pretty well, though I don't like havingt to change orientation to draw the other line.
A cute fun game to play.


From the Developer

The game is a fun action puzzle game which uses the gravity of iOS devices and lets you make various cages to trap outlaws. The game is based on old western cowboy theme, where the police has requested you to help them capture outlaws .

The game currently has four stages and six levels per stage. Every stage contains different outlaws having unique properties which makes the game more fun and a touch difficult.

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