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Tomato Pace is a fairly simple game based on a simple idea: Get the Tomato through a dangerous maze of threats, picking up as many scoring objects as possible while getting to the home base.   In other words: Tag!  Of course we’ve played and loved these games for years.  Remember Frogger?

This game has a theme of a tomato who’s been disconnected from its vine and it needs to get back to the vine, saving as many little tomatoes as possible.

Using the devices touch controls, you drag the big tomato around the screen to get it home.  To make this difficult and challenging, you have a bunch of hungry worms that move around the screen with the sole purpose of eating you.

Drag yourself to the vine, avoiding the worms, pickup as many of the small tomatoes as possible and score big points.

The game is pretty fun, but its frustrating when you first try to play.  If you have big hands/fingers, the dragging around the tomato obscures a lot of the screen and its hard to see the fast moving worms.  It takes several attempts to figure out how to move and not get killed.  That said, I think they game could be improved by slowing down and limiting the number of worms at early levels.  As the game increases in difficulty, so do the number of worms and their speed.  The screen is crowded and its hard to maneuver though.

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The worm animations are pretty cool. The tiled background is a bit out of place.
The sound effects are minimal and have an 8bit feel to them (which is kinda pleasing).
The game is pretty hard on starting levels but after several attempts you can figure out how to beat the worms.
Tomato pace is a challenging game.

From the Developer

In this fast paced action game, you must guide a tomato back to the
safety of a vine while dodging worms. Along the way, there are also
baby tomatoes that you can pick up and carry to safety and earn extra
points. As you progress through the levels of the game, more worms are
added and the speed of the worms increases.

This game has an UNLIMITED number of levels. Your game will continue
for as long as you have lives left. You start with 5 lives and earn an
extra one for each level completed.

To maximize your score, pick up as many of the baby tomatoes as you
can. You earn a bonus of 1000 points anytime you pick up all of the
baby tomatoes and complete a level.

If you’re a fan of arcade style games, you should give Tomato Pace a
try. There is some randomness built into the game so you can’t beat it
by just memorizing a pattern. At each level, the location and speed of
each worm is randomly set. Even if you lose on a level and have to
repeat it, there will be some differences when you replay that level.

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  1. Comment from the developer.

    A new version (1.2) is now available which features a virtual joystick. The old method of moving the tomato with your finger is still supported, so users can pick which method works best for them.

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