Pig Maker – Build a Pig!

Meet Alfred.  Alfred is a pig… a pig that you could have created… If you had the free iOS app “Pig Maker”  by TriSail Enterprises.

This is your basic “Build-a-bear” game but its much cheaper than going to the mall and stuffing fluff into a furry sack.  Though really I suppose these types of games really owe their heritage to Mr. Potato Head, our childhood favorite of creating different characters from a set of eyes, noses, mouths and outfits.

The free version of this app provides plenty of options to create a variety of pigs.  For a 99 center in-app purchase you can unlock loads more options for you to use to create many more pigs.

Once you create your pig, you can save it to your barn yard with your other creations.  You can save your pig to your device’s photo album, and from there you can share it as you would any other photo.

The game is pretty well done and could provide hours of fun for people who enjoy these types of games.  The game lacks any appreciable sounds, either sound effects or music track.  Its not really important for this type of app to  have sound, but it would have added to the game.

iTunes link:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pig-maker/id453062541?mt=8
Developer:TriSail Enterprises
Developer Website:http://trisail.net/Pig_Maker/pig_maker.html
Notes:This came uses InApp Purchases.
The Pig building graphics are good. The interface could be spiffyer.
The game has minimal sound, but this type of app does not need sound.
The pig building interface is pretty good.
I could see a younger audience spending significant time playing with this.


From the Developer

Create pigs with attitude and personality in this engaging make-it-yourself iOS game. Released 8/16, in the app store…
Save your pigs in the farmyard and send them to family and friends.
Good clean fun for kids of all ages.

What is different about Pig Maker?
– Create personalized pigs in seconds
– Mix & Match eyes, ears, mouths, noses, feet and more
– Highlight your pig’s personality with clothes and accessories
– Thousands of combinations are possible.
– Place any feature where you want.
– Save, edit and name your pig in the Farmyard
– Cover your pig in mud: a fun and messy mini-game

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