My Virtual Boyfriend — your friend in your pocket!

Meet Lance (or Troy or Cam).  He is you’re boyfriend.  You’re virtual boyfriend.

In MVB, you create the boyfriend of your dreams, selecting various looks and traits, likes and dislikes.  Then you nurture your relationship with your virtual boyfriend.  Once setup, you get to have conversations, dates, interactions and express your feeling about these and you’re boyfriend reacts to them.

You can spend money of various dates, earn more heart points, level up and unlock achievements and more actions and activities.  This is the kind of game that you can pick up at any point and resume your fun.

It is of course a variation on the various virtual pets that was the rage years ago and keeps showing up from time to time, but unlike a toy pet, an app can have far more options and variety to keep you entertained.

The developer also has an app for those who would rather have a virtual girlfriend rather than a boyfriend: and there is also a light version available of both boyfriend and girlfriend apps.

With a 3D interface and lots of variety, this app is far more valuable than $0.99.


iTunes link:
Lite Version:
Developer:WET Productions Inc.
Developer Website:
Notes:This is a 17+ title.
The game provided a good variety of options to build your avatar.
Good variety of music and sound effects.
The game features plenty of options to keep you interacting with your virtual boy friend.
This is a pretty cool take on the virtual pet metaphone..


From the Developer

★★★★ Mentioned on Tech Crunch ★★★★

D E S C R I P T I O N:
Ever been on a date with a geeky guy who obsessed with all things nerdy? How about a metrosexual who couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror? Did you hit the jackpot and find a Nice guy? or are you just a magnet for Bad boys? Well, Here is your chance to try them all, and more, with no real commitment and certainly no STD’s . From the creators of the Hit iPhone game “My Virtual Girlfriend“ comes the highly anticipated, and newest addition to the app store: “My virtual Boyfriend“.

My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating simulation game like no other. It’s a virtual boyfriend right in your pocket. Interactive and rendered in full 3D, These virtual guys are witty, charming and attractive, in fact – They are some of the most interesting characters, you will probably ever meet. It is the only date sim that can boast 100’s of men to choose from, fully customizable, and each with his own unique personality.

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