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Welcome to the meadow.  You’re job, young bee is to collect nectar from all the pretty wild flowers.  But you should only gather nectar from one type of flower to make it easier to collect.  Buzz around, pick up nectar, score lots of points and earn coins.

The game uses the concept that each flower’s nectar sticks together better if you only collect from one flower type.  I uses this to make you have to hunt for the right pattern of flowers to hop from one to the next making sure to get them all and not trap yourself to where you can’t get to an uncollected flower.

Using simple touch the next flower to move to, the game mechanics are pretty easy to use, which means a lot of people can play this game without getting frustrated by lack of hard core gaming skills.  To me, this is a good thing.

The game has beautiful graphics, wonderful cut scene animations, a variety of characters you can play from a bee with easy movement to bugs that have very restricted movements to provide a range of challenges.  Throughout the game, you collect coins by beating levels and those coins can be used to buy other things for use in the game.

But its not all roses (and daisies)…  In between levels, there are scenes where how to play that is played over and over again and while there is a skip button you have to hit it twice to move on.  The animated cut scenes go away with a single tap.  I also found it difficult to get to a point where I could change the difficulty of a round.

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Developer:Michael Buettner
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Notes:The game has an in-app purchase for more characters and abilities.
The graphics are FANTASTIC!! Very profesional.
Fantastic sound track and SoundFX.
Very easy touch controls on some well designed puzzles. But there are a lot of taps to proceed.
I'm a very impressed by this game!

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From the Developer


Four little insects show you the way to a flowery fragrant world of puzzle gaming.
Necta Collecta, the quirky action puzzler with wit and charm.

!Attention! : All story dialogue can be skipped with the ‘fast forward’ button!

You are one of four cuddly insects and your goal is to fly to all flowers of one color and type to collect their delicious nectar. The difficulty is that each character has a certain movement pattern with which he flies to the flowers.
Get to know the lively characters throughout the story, and master their movement types.

Necta Collecta works with iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (2nd Gen and higher).

* Top 10 hit in over 7 countries *
* #2 puzzle game in China *

“It’s another one of those way too fun and addictive casual puzzler games which will appeal to gamers of all ages […] Super colourful puzzler game featuring some very funky and way colourful graphics and catchy music.” – IPhoneGamerUK (4.5 / 5)

“An easygoing casual puzzler” – iFanzine

“This app is pretty awesome.”
“Fans of puzzle games will appreciate this kid-centric version of pattern finding.” – (4 / 5)

“Picking flowers has never been so fun!” –

It’s a sunny day in Necta Valley, when suddenly Ms. Butterfly disappears. The only trace leads to the legendary Atlas Sprout, which is said to give immortality. Will you succeed in rescuing Ms. Butterfly and protect the Atlas Sprout from evil forces?

Find a path on which you can reach all flowers of one type. The marked fields show you what flowers are reachable next.
Collect all nectar in every field of flowers, and the level is completed. Hurry up and receive gold medals as a reward for your efforts. Discover a variety of flowers in the 99 levels. But be careful: Don’t get caught by the hornets in the higher levels and stay on your path, then you will end up solving the mystery of the Atlas Sprout.

Embark on a thrilling adventure with the nimble bee, the rash maybug, the hard-nosed stagbeetle, and the perky butterfly.

A puzzle game which is easy to learn, but hard to master. It offers a rich and rewarding experience for yet-to-be gamers, casual gamers, and determined gamers.

*** Highlights ***

– Brand new, never before seen game idea.
– 4 different characters to unlock, each with unique gameplay.
– Story Mode with 99 levels. All dialogue can be skipped with one button.
– Timeattack Mode – Compete for the highscore in timeattack mode. Can you get all the way to stage 12?
– Game Center integration. Are you the world’s busiest bee?
– 3 Difficulty levels.
– Endless replayability with randomly generated levels.
– Flowerchain Mode – Can you find out the given combination?
– Great music
– Leaderboards
– HD-graphics with Retina Display support.
– Universal app – Necta Collecta works with iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (2nd Gen and higher).
– Autosave system: quit the game at any time and resume it right where you left.

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