All about pumpkins

All about pumpkins is a simple and well done educational title aimed for the elementary and pre-school crowd.  Using a simple “Touch to Advance” interface, any one can browse through the program.

Each slide contains relevant photos and text that takes us through the process of the lifecycle of a pumpkin.  As each slide plays, a girl’s voice narrates the slide, reading the text on the screen.  The narration is exceptional and very well could have been done by a professional voice actress.

The choice of photos is pretty good to illustrate the pumpkin’s lifecycle.  Some screens contain several smaller photos and you cannot pinch-zoom them to see more detail.  I think if I were doing this I would have been tempted to use larger photos and only one per screen.  This would have made the lession a bit longer and given more visual play, though it would have broken the one slide-one set of text metaphore.

Perhaps in a future version, the author could put in support to go backwards, perhaps adding swipe support too.  I would have liked to have seen some larger fonts used too.

Regardless of these minor nitpicks, even I learned a few things from the app.  It’s about educating and conveying information and this app does an exceptional job at it.

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Developer:Cindy Bracken

The app uses a simple "Touch to advance" interface which is perfect for a young audience. Some of the screens are a bit plain and the fonts could be a bit larger.
The author's choice to use a kid to narriate the slides was spot on.
The app covered most relevant information on the topic and is presented in a logical fashion.
A very straight forward information app for education!

From the Developer

All About Pumpkins is a fun, educational ebook for children. The text is automatically narrated by a friendly child’s voice. Kids simply tap the screen to advance to the next page. Your child will have no trouble figuring it out, and will be able to enjoy this book either with you or alone. Through simple text and colorful photograph illustrations, kids will learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin and how they are used for fall fun. The perfect book to read before or after visiting the pumpkin patch!

Device Requirements:

* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

* Requires iOS 3.0 or later

* 24.8 MB

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