Save the world . . . from Atomic Aliens!

Atomic Aliens is the first release from Touch  Junky.  The story?  Well aliens are attacking and it’s your job to save the world.  Game play is your basic “Whack-a-mole” type game where you tap the aliens to kill them (some take more than one tap to kill….) that gets more intense as the game progresses.  The game has a couple of twists.

You have shields which you can place using taps near the planet you’re trying to protect to block the lasers from the enemies.  The more damage your planet takes the more likely it is to blow up, so using your shields and taps, you do your best to protect your planet.

You also have “Astro Bob” who comes along at certain points and helps you out.

The game has a pretty fast pace too it and it gets faster as it goes.  The music adds intensity to the game and it pulls you into the game.

I still haven’t gotten past level 2 before my planet is destroyed and I’ve never see Astro Bob.  I think part of my struggle with the game is figuring out how the shields work.  Sometimes I tap them and they stay for a while others they disappear as fast as I pick my finger up.

Despite my ineptness, the game is fun and a game you wanna play.  It’s a good pickup for 99 cents!

Atomic Aliens
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Developer:Touch Junky
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The cartoon aliens are have a nice style to them. Text and other graphics have a cool 8 bit feel to them though the backgrounds are much more modern.
The music gives the game good intensity. The SFX are about what one would expect.
I found the placing of the shields a bit hard and the aliens shoot right as they appear which makes the game challenging.
Atomic Aliens is a good pickup for 99 cents.


From the Developer

ATOMIC ALIENS are attacking our universe!!! Do you have what it takes to save the planets?

The current date is 3012, a thousand years in the future and ATOMIC ALIENS are trying to destroy the universe. We need your help to defend the planets from this invasion! Touch Junky’s first highly anticipated iPhone and iPad app is finally here!

Astro Bob needs your help!! When you save him he will fly back to his planet to get his lasers and shoot up those nasty ATOMIC ALIENS!!!. See how fast you can touch and kill these atomic threats and rack up a high score!

Stay alive, get funky and lose yourself in the crazy invasion of ATOMIC ALIENS. There’s not much time, BUY NOW!! Our universe is under attack! Save it NOW!!

Device Requirements:

* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

* Requires iOS 3.1 or later

* 23.6 MB

* Rated 9+

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