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We know we are new to the review game and our reach is growing.   Our reviews are retweeted out to over 75,000 twitter readers.  Our social network is growing and we are providing an outlet for games and apps from indie developers and small shops.

So we have some great advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

150×150 Ads — We are using a service where you can upload your own creatives and decide just how much you want to advertise.  While we are growing, our $5 per week for one of 4 spots is an absolute steal with no more than 8 ads fighting for the 4 spots.

300×250 Ads — And boy are we giving away the farm.  Provide us a URL for an image and a link where you want it to go and you will rotate with no more than 3 other ads for $10 a week.

Our readership grows more and more with each review we publish, so now is a great opportunity to get in on some very very affordable advertising for your game or app.

For the 150×150 positions, please click through on one of the empty add spots, or click here! (Popup’s may need to be enabled!)

For the 300×250 Sponsorship positions, please fill out this form below.

300x250 Sponsirships

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