Bugs and Dolls — A children’s entertainment app.

“Bugs and Dolls” from Monkey Prism is a story book looking app where you choose one of five scenes (one comes with the Free version) and can be played in one of three modes. The first mode  “Sound Box” mode, you tap on the animals to hear what sounds they make.  In “Word Mode” when you tap the animals or other objects, their name is spoken to... Read More

My Virtual Boyfriend — your friend in your pocket!

Meet Lance (or Troy or Cam).  He is you’re boyfriend.  You’re virtual boyfriend. In MVB, you create the boyfriend of your dreams, selecting various looks and traits, likes and dislikes.  Then you nurture your relationship with your virtual boyfriend.  Once setup, you get to have conversations, dates, interactions and express your feeling about these and you’re... Read More