Save the world . . . from Atomic Aliens!

Atomic Aliens is the first release from Touch  Junky.  The story?  Well aliens are attacking and it’s your job to save the world.  Game play is your basic “Whack-a-mole” type game where you tap the aliens to kill them (some take more than one tap to kill….) that gets more intense as the game progresses.  The game has a couple of twists. You have shields... Read More

Turkeys Revenge — Shoot a Pilgrim!

Turkeys Revenge is a clever adaptation of the fair midway Shoot the Duck game. In this game, you, the turkey are the hunter. Armed with a gun that shoots candy corn, you tap your target to shoot, or drag the site to “ping” your target. Complete with that midway pellet on metal target ping, your targets fall backwards and your points rack up. The game increases in difficulty... Read More

Bugs and Dolls — A children’s entertainment app.

“Bugs and Dolls” from Monkey Prism is a story book looking app where you choose one of five scenes (one comes with the Free version) and can be played in one of three modes. The first mode  “Sound Box” mode, you tap on the animals to hear what sounds they make.  In “Word Mode” when you tap the animals or other objects, their name is spoken to... Read More

All about pumpkins

All about pumpkins is a simple and well done educational title aimed for the elementary and pre-school crowd.  Using a simple “Touch to Advance” interface, any one can browse through the program. Each slide contains relevant photos and text that takes us through the process of the lifecycle of a pumpkin.  As each slide plays, a girl’s voice narrates the... Read More

All a-buzz about Necta Collecta

Welcome to the meadow.  You’re job, young bee is to collect nectar from all the pretty wild flowers.  But you should only gather nectar from one type of flower to make it easier to collect.  Buzz around, pick up nectar, score lots of points and earn coins. The game uses the concept that each flower’s nectar sticks together better if you only collect from one flower... Read More

Hello Farm for Kids – a wonderful experience for children

Hello Farm for Kids is a title from the publisher of Hello Zoo for Kids which we reviewed recently.  The game boasts the same art style for the animals which is a very playful and fun.  Combined with good sound effects and various modes of play, this app is a wonderful companion to entertain children for hours. For the youngest of kids, they can just tap the screen to have new... Read More

Kiki’s Koi-Koi – a Japanese card game.

Welcome to Kiki’s Koi-Koi a game based on the Japanese card game Koi-Koi. This game does an excellent job presenting and playing a card game.  The animations are very well done.  The tutorials and help are outstanding and are great for someone trying to learn the game. Where I struggle with  the game is the terminology.  Even with great help and tutorials, I still guess... Read More

My Virtual Boyfriend — your friend in your pocket!

Meet Lance (or Troy or Cam).  He is you’re boyfriend.  You’re virtual boyfriend. In MVB, you create the boyfriend of your dreams, selecting various looks and traits, likes and dislikes.  Then you nurture your relationship with your virtual boyfriend.  Once setup, you get to have conversations, dates, interactions and express your feeling about these and you’re... Read More

Pig Maker – Build a Pig!

Meet Alfred.  Alfred is a pig… a pig that you could have created… If you had the free iOS app “Pig Maker”  by TriSail Enterprises. This is your basic “Build-a-bear” game but its much cheaper than going to the mall and stuffing fluff into a furry sack.  Though really I suppose these types of games really owe their heritage to Mr. Potato Head,... Read More

Tomato Pace – Review

Tomato Pace is a fairly simple game based on a simple idea: Get the Tomato through a dangerous maze of threats, picking up as many scoring objects as possible while getting to the home base.   In other words: Tag!  Of course we’ve played and loved these games for years.  Remember Frogger? This game has a theme of a tomato who’s been disconnected from its vine and... Read More