Hello Farm for Kids – a wonderful experience for children

Hello Farm for Kids is a title from the publisher of Hello Zoo for Kids which we reviewed recently.  The game boasts the same art style for the animals which is a very playful and fun.  Combined with good sound effects and various modes of play, this app is a wonderful companion to entertain children for hours. For the youngest of kids, they can just tap the screen to have new animals appear and make sounds with backgrounds in various farm scenes.  With swipe jesters the background... Read More

Riley and the Magic Laundry Basket

Riley and the Magic Laundry Basket is a wonderful story about a toddler who falls asleep in his mom’s laundry basket and dreams of a fantasy world filled with animals and magic. The story takes Riley through various scenes with text describing the scene.  Tapping on the various characters in the story causes the to speak and in some cases effects to happen. The story book plays as you would expect.  You swipe to change scenes and tap on objects to make things happen. The... Read More