Goop! A fun game without sling shots!

I don’t know about you, but I’m just a little bit tired of Angry Birds knock offs.  Bird games, pig games, sling shots, oh my. Now to give Angry Birds it’s credit, it was cute.  There was a very annoying bad guy. We were allowed to be mad.  Music enhances the game as does the sound effects. So I’m happy to see a cute game with wonderful graphics a fun sound track and good special effects that’s not a clone of Angry Birds.   “Goop”... Read More

Cavorite – a must have platform game!

Game play trailers, the little short preview movies can tell a prospective customer a lot about the game. I had seen the video for this game a couple of weeks before the review request came in. And it was “meh, another platform game of pushing blocks around”. Boy was I wrong! Looking at this game live instead of an over processed over compressed YouTube video makes a world of difference. The graphics of this game are *H*O*T* and look much better on the phone than... Read More