All a-buzz about Necta Collecta

Welcome to the meadow.  You’re job, young bee is to collect nectar from all the pretty wild flowers.  But you should only gather nectar from one type of flower to make it easier to collect.  Buzz around, pick up nectar, score lots of points and earn coins. The game uses the concept that each flower’s nectar sticks together better if you only collect from one flower type.  I uses this to make you have to hunt for the right pattern of flowers to hop from one to the... Read More

jailem – a Trap the Ball game

Jailem is a cute game based on a western cowboy/cops and robbers theme.  The game itself is a simple one.  A series of balls goes bouncing around the screen and you draw lines to limit where the balls can go.  Once you have a ball isolated by itself, its trapped.  Isolate all the balls in their own cells and win the level. When you capture two balls in the same grid  and can’t isolate them, the game ends. You are presented with four different villains with different... Read More

Endless Lines – taking pipes in a different direction

Many moons ago, I found a game called “Pipes”.  It presented you a series of tiles that contained various shaped pipes, elbows, tees, intersections and straight and your goal was to build the longest pipe that water could flow through until you either trapped yourself  or filled the space before a timer went off and water started flowing through the pipes. It was a very fun game that ate up a lot of my time.  In fact, as an app/game developer I have been pondering... Read More

TXTgrams – A Tsukau Word Game

TXTgrams is one of a line of word puzzle games based on Tsukau, Sudoku with words.  Its best describe from the developer’s website: Tsukau Grams is an anagram challenge using the Tsukau letter-set format. A traditional anagram is the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters only once. For example “Eleven plus two” is an anagram of “Twelve plus one”. Similarly, “phrase” is an anagram... Read More

Cavorite – a must have platform game!

Game play trailers, the little short preview movies can tell a prospective customer a lot about the game. I had seen the video for this game a couple of weeks before the review request came in. And it was “meh, another platform game of pushing blocks around”. Boy was I wrong! Looking at this game live instead of an over processed over compressed YouTube video makes a world of difference. The graphics of this game are *H*O*T* and look much better on the phone than... Read More

Task-Master: A puzzling puzzler.

Welcome to Task-Master.  This is a puzzle game and part of the puzzle is figuring out how to play it.  The game provides very little in the way of how to play and that in its-self is the challenge.  For instance, one level you get a single dot on the screen and you are supposed to try different gestures and iPhone actions to try and figure out how to solve the level. Some levels are about tapping, others about pinch-zooming, others about exploring multi-tap. Puzzle games are... Read More

Spark Control

Welcome to spark control.  To be honest, when I first saw the “Invention Box” being what looks like a British telephone booth, the first thing that came to mind was a “Tardis” and Dr. Who!. Spark Control is a physics based game of using various objects (“Tools”) with different physics properties to try and direct a blue orb, the “Spark” around the screen in an attempt to gather three “Suns” which then you use your tools... Read More

Phantom Probes

Welcome to Phantom Probes, a game of guess the shape.  The shape is of course invisible.  You’re given three possibilities at the bottom and you are given three different objects or probes that you can drop on the shape, be it a chain, bombs or rain. You watch to see how the various falling probes interact with the invisible shape and figure out which of the three shapes.  To help out you can turn the circle either clock-wise or counter clock-wise to rotate the invisible... Read More