Save the world . . . from Atomic Aliens!

Atomic Aliens is the first release from Touch  Junky.  The story?  Well aliens are attacking and it’s your job to save the world.  Game play is your basic “Whack-a-mole” type game where you tap the aliens to kill them (some take more than one tap to kill….) that gets more intense as the game progresses.  The game has a couple of twists. You have shields which you can place using taps near the planet you’re trying to protect to block the lasers... Read More

Turkeys Revenge — Shoot a Pilgrim!

Turkeys Revenge is a clever adaptation of the fair midway Shoot the Duck game. In this game, you, the turkey are the hunter. Armed with a gun that shoots candy corn, you tap your target to shoot, or drag the site to “ping” your target. Complete with that midway pellet on metal target ping, your targets fall backwards and your points rack up. The game increases in difficulty by increasing the number of pilgrims and the number of trees that they can hide behind, but... Read More

Orbital Defender Full for the iPhone and iPad

Orbital Defender Full from Addictive Zone is an arcade based space shooter with some unique twists that is designed for both the iPhone and iPad. In the game, you control a small orbital satellite that spins around one of the various planets in our solar system starting with Mercury and advancing on.  Each planet has multiple levels of play.  As your satellite orbits, you shoot your various weapons at the attacking enemy ships, some more powerful than others. This is where the... Read More

OmniBlaster 1.1 – Fun New Retro Shooter

OmniBlaster is a new game from Omnigeek Media and was first released in May 2011. Version 1.1 was released just a month later. The new version of the game includes improved graphics. Most graphics are now Retina compatible. Social networking facilities were added using the service OpenFeint and its tie in with the Apple Game Center. Its through these services that you can track your high score against other players, see what achievements you’ve earned as well as sending... Read More