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Do you have a hot app or game you would like for us to know about?  Fill out the details below or email your information to

iPad ONLY Apps — Please note: We currently do not have access to an iPad and currently can only review apps on an iPhone.  We hope to have this resolved shortly.  Feel free to submit a review request, but we can’t guarantee that we will get to in a timely manner.

Developers, we get  a lot of review requests and we are going to do our best to get to them, but we can’t get to them all.  The more information you can provide us, the better your chances are of bubbling to the top of the list.  We love indie studios and will consider your entries closely.  The big studios get enough attention elsewhere.

Please provide us a review code, a couple of screen shots, a description and a copy of your 512×512 iTunesArtWork and our staff will do their best to get to your app.  It’s important to include the artwork with your submission.  It adds time to our review process if we have to go find art or make our own screen shots.  We would rather spend time using your app than having to chase down details!

**NEW** Expedited Reviews!!!!

The staff at Tap Our Apps are also Indie iOS developers and we understand the frustration of getting reviews of our apps and in particular when an app is new and you don’t have a marketing budget for your app you need all the help you can get.  We do our best to get to your app as soon as we can, but between coding our own, and other “Pay the Bills” work, which has to come first, and the volume of requests we get, we can’t promise how soon we can get to your request.

We also recognize we are not the biggest review site yet.  We are new but we are growing!  As such, we are now offering expedited reviews.  We are not going to pressure you to get an expedited review or try and upsell you on one.  But we want to offer the service for those who want to get a quicker review to capitalize on the initial surge.  For $25, we will review your app within 48 hours and give your app premium placement on the website for at least a week.  Just choose “Expedited Review” in the form below.

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